Vision & Mission


The vision of NISCORT is to be a centre for excellence in media research and training which will promote and uphold ethical, secular, national and democratic values. NISCORT is committed to cater for the rapidly changing media environment and communication needs of society.


In order to realize the vision, NISCORT is committed to the following:

To promote and engage in media research and publish research findings on current media and communication practices.

  • To promote and uphold national and democratic values.

  • To promote the rights of citizens to get correct information from the mass media.

  • To restore respect for tolerance and diversity, thus ensuring peace and harmony among different communities and groups.

  • To support mainstream journalism with sound ethical and moral principles.

  • To conduct workshops/seminars which will enable the participants to integrate the skills and techniques of mass media and communications with social action, education, healthcare, spiritual ministry, etc in order to promote the sustainable development of society.