Entrance Exam

An entrance test and an interview for those aspiring students for the Post Graduate Courses at NISCORT are scheduled for 6 May, 2017 at 3.00 pm at the college. 

Those interested candidates may write to: niscortindia@gmail.com

Why Study Media?

Media studies is a flourishing stream of social sciences in India. To understand media is to understand the world in which we live. Visual image is becoming just as important as the printed word. Having the ability to design, construct and edit media products is a modern, practical skill making Media Studies more employable.

The mass media is very powerful and we spend a large proportion of our time exposed to the media. Studying media will help student to examine the impact the media has on our lives and we must never forget that the media studies us. Therefore, to be media literate is an integral part of being an educated citizen.

Media is an expanding industry in India. Media programmes in NISCORT are specially designed for this purpose and have the potential to develop groups work, critical thinking, analytical skills and creativity in the students.

Media Programmes at NISCORT

NISCORT offers various academic programs and courses for those who want to pursue communication sciences and media studies. The courses range from postgraduate degrees to diplomas and certificates fashioned for students who aspire to build a career in media.

NISCORT programmes are specifically designed to cater to the needs of the media industry in India. The special feature of NISCORT programmes is that it ensures value based media programmes that is concurrent with traditional Indian values.

  • NISCORT is committed to train media professionals who search and unravel truth.
  • NISCORT train media professionals to be the voice of the many million voiceless Indians.
  • NISCORT equips you for the fast growing media industry.